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Restaurant Pâtes, riz et soupes

Our Chef, with their imagination and skills, prepare throughout the year so many types of first dishes Pasta home made, rice and soups ...
Every week our menu is changed and new first dishes with fish, vegetables and meat are placed.
During your stay you can find in some of these menu first dishes (see photo) or you can book them by writing it in the reservation a few days in advance.
Many dish of Risotto....with sea fish, whit brased beef, with asparagus and shrimps, with mushrooms, with radicchio and Provola cheese, with Black squidd sauce, with zaffron,with Strawberries, with Broccoli and Baccala fish, with Apples and Basil.....  
Many plates of  Pasta home made.....
Lasagne with meat ragout or with fish ragout, Big Maccheroni with asparagus and fresch tomato, Tagliatelle with vegetables and cheese
Tagliatelle with mushrooms, Cacao Tagliolini with fresch Tunna,Pasta with Parma ham and zaffron, Spaghetti with red pepper sauce,
Pink tagliatelle with calamari and Genovese Pesto, Spaghetti with clams and fresch tomato.....

Many types of Potato Gnocchi home made....with cheese sauce, Cacao Gnocchi with shrimps and pumpkins, with cheese and vegetables, Pink Gnocchi with zucchini and shrimps, Castagne Gnocchi with speck sauce...
Many types of Ravioli home made... with butter and herbs, with fresh tomato, black and white with fish, Cacao Ravioli with Grana Padano,with Radicchio....
Many types of Soup... Onion's soup, Beans soup with Pasta...
*The first dishes in each season may be have differents plates of photo
*Each week wensday restaurant is closed
*Easter evening,Monday evening after Easter day, 15 August evening and from 25 December evening to 5 January the restaurant is closed.
* Easter lunch, 15 August lunch and Christmas lunch there is a Special menu with a special menu


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