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Restaurant-Plat principal-Viande et poissons

Our chef Denis Alexander and choose every day the best meats and fresh fishes to prepare many main courses to be included in the menu of the restaurant.
In our restaurant you will have the choice of many dishes of grilled meat, braised or cooked with mushrooms, vegetables and spices.
 During your stay you can find in some of these menu of second dishes (see photo) or you can book them by wtiting it in the reservation a few days in advance.
Beef brased with polenta, Veal's filet with apples and rosmary, Grilled beef with fresh tomato and Pecorino cheese, Baked Lamb, Rabbit with sausages and mushrooms....
And Pork's Filet with trufle cream,Baked Leg's of Pork with Passito di Pantelleria wine, Grilled beef with apricot, Beef Tagliata with Asparagus and roquette salade, Cotoletta alla Milanese, Grilled mix meat and many other plates...
You can eat more fresh sea fish cooked on the grill or in many different ways.
Calamari salted with mushrooms, grilled red Tunna, Salmon with fresh tomato, Shrimps with radicchio salade, Seabass tartare,
Stockfish with onion's soup,Grilled lot with balsamique vinegar, red fish with artichocks, Grilled mix fishes and many choice again....
Fresh fish from Lake Maggiore is almost always available throughout the year.
*The second dishes in each season may be have differents plates of photo
*Each week wensday restaurant is closed
*Easter evening,Monday evening after Easter day, 15 August evening and from 25 December evening to 5 January the restaurant is closed.
* Easter lunch, 15 August lunch and Christmas lunch there is a Special menu with a special menu


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