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The Breakfast Buffet

Petit dèjeuner a Buffet

A rich and varied breakfast buffet will greet you when you wake up.

In summer and when the weather permits, is served in our terrace overlooking Lake Varese, while in the months not warm you can enjoy quietly in our dining room, warm and welcoming.

From 7:00 to 10:00 (on request may be possible several times) we will help you start your day right by trying to fulfill your every request.

Capuchin ... Caffe 'Americans .... a wide selection of teas and herbal teas .... Latte macchiato ..... Chocolates Dark and White Cast ... .... ... Ginseng Barley Coffee. .... all freshly prepared ....


Fresh milk produced in Varese and drink soya are always avaible. Nesquik, Ovaltine and barley soluble ... Natural and sparkling mineral water ..

Rich selection of flavors of Fruit Juice in bottles individual AMITA (Orange-Red Orange-Peach-Apricot-Apple Green-Ace-Grapefruit-Pineapple-Blueberry)

At the request of Orange Juice (with possible surcharge)

Our Buffet consists of quality products (both fresh and packaged ones) and is always prepared with the utmost attention to hygiene and storage of products.

In the morning, when you wake up, when you feel ready, a rich buffet awaits you ...

Croissant with jam, chocolate and grains ... Kraphen cream ... Strudelini .....


Wholemeal bread and bread with cereals, sliced toast them with the possibility of ...
Fresh bread baked on cereals and normal in the morning ...


Butter and 5 types of jams single dose (Orange-Blueberry-Peach-Apricot-Strawberry)


Rusks single dose, Butter dose
Nutella-dose, Honey dose


6 types of cereal (Integral-Muesli-chocolate balls-Wheat-Kraven classic chocolate-Puffed Rice) 


Many types Barrette Kellog's e Hero
Loacker, Biscotti Danesi, Oro-shock Pavesini
Kinder Delice e Fiesta 


Fresh homemade pies, chocolate or apple or yoghurt or fresh fruit depending on the imagination of the chef ...


Fresh seasonal fruit with:
Apples, pears, kiwi, oranges, tangerines, bananas, White and black grapes


Different flavors of yoghurt monoporrzione:
White skinny, White Whole, Whole Fruit and Fruit Skinny
Creamy cheese


The salty:
Baked ham
Fresh cheese
Foccacine salted single dose


Soft-boiled eggs
(on request also scrambled or cooked with a bull's eye with a possible surcharge)

And for those who are intolerant or allergic to gluten it is possible (with notice during the booking) to have GLUTEN-FREE products.

P.S. It is possible there is some small variation in the type of products present in the breakfast buffet, depending on the season and the availability of the products.